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Rivalry, whether it is between companies, individuals, entities or even organisms can be beneficial or detrimental. Competition exists virtually everywhere one looks. People are continually copying and improving upon other’s ideas. The essence of playing games is to win. Everything and everyone is in a constant state of competition. If properly utilized, then competition presents various benefits to the competing parties. However, there are instances when rivalry can be a bad thing. The following is a brief disposition on the positive and negative competition.
One of the most well-known advantages of competition is the improvement of quality and better delivery of goods and services in the industrial world. Competition means that there are a variety of organizations that are willing to meet the requirements of the consumers to reap maximum benefits. They place the customer first and consequently offer better goods and services to their clientele. In Biology, competition often leads to the emergence of tougher, stronger and more adaptable organisms (Gilad, 2008). Such species emerge because competition eliminates the weak and only leaves the strong. On an individual level, most people can attribute to become better or improve one’s skills to a good and friendly rivalry. People get the desire to be better at what they do whether it is sports, musical talent or even in their studies when they know t…

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