Comparison between The Blind side novel and film

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Comparison between The Blind side novel and film

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Comparison between The Blind side novel and film
The Blind Side is a semi-biographical film that features a sports personality who was an American. The film was produced in the year 2009 under the guidance and production of John Lee Hancock. The film is based and depicts the story of the footballer as contained in the book titled the Blind Side whose publication was done in the year 2006 (Lewis 1). The film has been well received by movie lovers, especially sports personalities. The film’s high preference is attributable to its quality production, content superiority and educative nature. Many sports personalities and aspiring sportsmen including other people resonate with its content as it depicts a successful journey of Michael Oher in the sports industry from a humble beginning. This is evident based on its storyline that features Michael Oher, who played successfully to the Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans in the NFL.
The film shows his journey to becoming a star footballer from his early years at Wingate Christian School to Briarcrest School that is located in Memphis Tennessee. It also shows his story of adoption, how he joined the coveted college football team and his final journey to becoming among the first 11 team. His relationship with coaches such as Lou Holtz, Phillip Fulmer and others is also depicted in the film including other players (Edgington 69). As noted, the film is based on the facts dra…

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