comparing student’s past and current experiences

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comparing student’s past and current experiences

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Student’s Current vs. Past Experiences
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In the past days, the term carefree describe the student life and experience. Stories narrate that the lifestyle was mutual and student shared essential amenities like rooms and showers (Lightfoot, 2016). Also, students had the freedom to run parties that could last until midnight. In the past days, there were a lot of privileges such settling of bills and a guaranteed job from the government and the local authorities. This paper compares student experience from the past with the current.
According to Lightfoot (2016), in 1970s close to fourteen percent of students enrolled for university after completing their high school levels. Currently, the percentage of those who enroll in the university has risen to over 40%. The high number of scholars translates to the accumulation of debts through grants which they end up paying with a lot of difficulties before and on employment. Currently, student life has undergone various changes over the years, for instance, classy entertainments, restrooms with sofas, and modernized places of residence (Lightfoot, 2016).
Due to the competition in the market for a job opportunity, student’s culture has changed towards career advancement limiting the time they engage in various extracurricular activities. In the recent past, students embarked on an exploration of new experiences as well as use network platforms to make…

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