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comparing speeches

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Comparing Speeches
It is always the desire of a speaker to present a good speech at any time they are delivering a speech. The speaker in the second video gave a good speech which is evidenced by the applause the audience gave him at the end of his presentation. However, in some instances people presenting speeches find themselves presenting poor speeches like in the first video.
In order to present a good speech, a speaker should master words in their speech (German 26). One should not assume that the audience knows what they are supposed to say. The speaker in the second speech has mastered his words well making his speech easy to understand. On the other hand, the first speaker can be regarded as the poor one due to the poor mastering of words. For instance, the speaker is not sure about the pronunciation of the word capsaicin.
Confidence is another aspect of a good speech as it enables one to concentrate on the message they are giving rather than on their thoughts on how the audience could be perceiving them. The speaker in the first speech needs to work on his confidence as he seems nervous considering the tone of his voice and posture. On the contrary, the second speaker is confident as it is seen from his posture, gestures as well as the way he maintains eye contact with his audience.
A good public speaker should also organize their presentation well by preparing and doing rehearsals before the delivering…

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