Compare and Contrast Viewpoints

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Compare and Contrast Viewpoints

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How the Youth Handle Their RelationshipThe modern day youth has failed in handling their relationships and dating modestly. According to the local church pastor, the youth themselves creates their relationship problems. There is a variety of behaviours that the youth exhibits that injures their relationship success, like online dating. When the youth engage in the online dating, they do not want to inform their parents and relatives, and that is a big mistake.
Young people engage in dating at a very tender age when they cannot handle dating requirements due to ignorance. In many cases, children as young as ten years old attend to their dates over the computer. Early dating is one of the reasons why they end up failing since they don’t know what it takes to date at such tender ages. Relationships are emotional duties and children below the age of sixteen cannot be allowed to enter into serious relationships, though they do it so often behind their parent’s backs.
Most relationships that the youth participates in do not last for a long time against their wish. They easily break up since they lack moral basis. They fail to transform into marriage because the participants themselves do not know what they want in the relationship. After a few exchanges, such people get bored as they may realize that what they want in a relationship cannot be attained in the one they have just entered (Elley 95).
According to the pastor, online dating sh…

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