compare and contrast theses two books

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compare and contrast theses two books

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These two books tend to communicate a similar idea whereby both individuals Charlie and Lee in the books The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Naked Lunch respectively undergo hard times in their lives and, as a result, it ends up to involving bad, immoral habits of drugs and sexual desires. In less situation he became a dependent drug addict with a police record for resisting arrest while Charlie’s loses his only friend through a suicide incident. Also he loses his favorite family member, his aunt through a car accident these two scenarios turn out to be his flip of moral balance and, as a result, he develops a desire to satisfy that inner dark feeling of awkward loneliness and at this stage he changes into a character of a different person, he starts smoking marijuana although he had been taking it as a passive smoke ,he involving himself in immoral sexual behavior this is evident at that point when he was playing a game with his peer, and he is dared to participate and kiss any girl in the room, he accepts and kisses Sam.
In this story, you will see Patrick lacks of love from his home. This is seen through Patrick’s father who whipped him after finding of his sexual preferences of men hence leading him on a path of loneliness and heart breaks hence started drinking and picking up random men.
In the other book, Lees is an addict and a dealer who saw fictional hallucination imagerie…

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