Compare and contrast hamlet

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Compare and contrast hamlet

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Compare and Contrast Hamlet
The girl child has gone through a lot, discrimination by gender is imminent. This has gone on for quite a while, and many scholars have come out to write about it. Gender activists have all they can to ensure that this abuse is eliminated from the society. Many girls have ended up going through psychological torture just because a few individuals initiated calling them names after suspecting their behavior. “For a start, all the achievement in the world won’t protect a woman from being dismissed as a ‘ho’.” (Chaudhry pg. 3)
Some of these words have been used for pun intended. Take an example of the word ‘slut.’ It has been used severally even amongst teenagers themselves. It may seem normal the receiver of the word deep within they will feel bad. “I don’t think it is ever appropriate to use the word with teenage girls,” said Leora Tanenbaum she continues to say was a victim of the same while she was in her ninth grade and the status remained with her throughout her senior schooling year. (Kelleher, pg. 1)
Certain fellow women have uplifted the position of women in society. An example is Elizabeth the Queen of England. In power, the Elizabethan regime began where women had the power to choose for themselves unlike before. The roles of women began to change since before men were the breadwinners while women were the housewives, but now women got into the point of becoming breadwinners as well. “Women …

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