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Compare and Contrast Essay

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Comparing and Contrasting Essays
The stories of the two characters in Village Life in America and A Confederate Girl’s Diary were put down in the midst of civil war. The stories of the two girls contain some similarities and differences.
Each of the two girls had diaries. The stories that are being narrated are contained in the diaries. The stories in the two books took place at the same period. They took place during civil wars. Notably, the loved ones of the two girls died either through war, diseases or age-related problems. The girls are undergoing a difficult situation in a time of war. They had been filled with fear. “Came in to ask for molasses. I was alone downstairs, and the nervous trepidation” (McNish 35).Their main wish is for the war to come to an end.
Sarah in A Confederate Girl’s Diary used to move from one place to another while Caroline in Village Life in America stayed in one particular place. The diary of Sarah was recorded in the period of President Lincoln’s assassination, but Caroline’s diary did not talk about any death. Sarah’s confederate lifestyle proved to be more difficult than the life of Sarah in the village. “Helpless and bleeding in the street, I would” (McNish 35). Sarah had a spiritual connection to God, but Caroline did not portray any spiritual connection to God.
Editing was done on the similarities and differences between the…

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