compare and contrast between two artists

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compare and contrast between two artists

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Compare and Contrast Between Two Artists
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Compare and Contrast Between Two Artists
Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso were renowned painters from Italy and Spain respectively. However, they both existed during different times. Da Vinci was famous during the 15th and 16th century while Picasso reigned during the 20th century. These two artists continue to be influential after their deaths. In point of fact, the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci is relevant in today’s society (Priwer & Phillips, 2011). Picasso’s painting, Guernica, is also a prominent work of art. Additionally, there are also distinct differences between the two artists. This paper will critically compare and contrast between Da Vinci and Picasso.
As prior mentioned, the two artists were involved in paintings. They were not only painters but, also prominent ones during their time. Research depicted that the two artists were both diagnosed with Dyslexia (Priwer & Phillips, 2011). Consequently, they experienced difficulties in reading thus success in their paintings. These painters were also keen to detail hence their works are rendered flawless. It is salient that both of them focused on the nitty-gritty of their works of art. Furthermore, both artists employ numerous art styles in their works. Both artists were also proficient sculptors.
Contrariwise, the two artists employ different virtual art styles. Leonardo da Vinci was affiliated to Renaissance…

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