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Comparative essay

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Comparative Essay
Many look at love as a divine concept while others look at it as an everyday phenomenon. Some believe that some people are destined to be with each other and are guided by some unseen force towards one another until they meet and find solace for the rest of their lives. Others believe that love occurs over time, through association with each other and based on common interests and mutual understanding. Naturally, these two concepts of love differ from one another, and their approach towards the concept of love also happens to describe their worldview and their belief in the way that the universe functions. The contrast between these two different takes on the same topic, which happens to be a central theme in of human lives in many cultures, needs a closer analysis.
Love the feeling of attraction, which one living being has for another is a concept difficult to explain in words. The attraction could be of several forms, and we do not know if creatures other than humans truly experience it as we do. Further, there are different types of love and the methods in which we express them vary from one another. C. S Lewis speaks of four different types of love and the categories that each of our different relationships falls into (Lewis, 4-6). While most traditional understandings of all kinds of love base themselves on the foundation of love being in some ways eternal and pred…

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