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Company’s description

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Business Plan- Leisure Coffee Shop
Description of Business
The coffee house will provide a multiplicity of varieties to the clienteles. Coffee and tea of all kinds will be proffered. The selections of coffee will vary from expresso to caffe latte, from the regular flavour to raspberry-mocha. The teas will vary from English to seasoned kinds. Juice, soda, and other non-alcoholic drinks also will be presented.
Purpose of Business
This paper is projected to plan the start-up of the business known as Leisure Coffee Shop. The business plan has a two-fold task. One is to acquire funding. The other is to assist, explain, where, who, what, when and how for the commercial so that the job will have a definite cut strategy and procedures map.
Mission Statement
To deliver a welcoming, contented atmosphere where the client can get quality food and services at a sensible cost.
Business Goals
The business aim will be to offer a significant income and to form a business and working surroundings where both the client and worker are treated with self-respect and esteem.

Opportunities and Strengths
To reach a coffee house in the County Fairs, a client from this area must drive 20 to 30 minutes. The bulk of these launches is situated farthest side of the township. A few are starting out to open up in the downtown region. The area comprising a one hundred mile radius close to Leisure Coffee shop is highly occupied with young, upwardly, mobile individual…

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