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Company Selection & Summary

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Aflac Inc.
Aflac Inc. is one of the notable organizations in the world that is committed to ethical behaviors in all its commercial activities. The firm is the top voluntary insurance organization at the workplaces in the US (Aflac Inc.). Aflac Inc. has received various prominent awards for its dedication to environmental sustainability, philanthropy, workforce diversity, governance, and ethics (Sullivan et al., 1). For instance, in 2017, it received the World’s Most Ethical Companies award for the 11th successive time. It is the only insurance firm across the globe to clinch the accolade since its launch in 2007 (Sullivan et al., 1).
The organization has adopted the association between ethical commercial operations and enhanced financial performance. In fact, the company utilizes ethics as a way to further advance its leadership in the industry. The top executive of the company appreciates that establishing an ethical culture entails more than having a corporate social responsibility (Sullivan et al., 1). Indeed, it requires participation from all the stakeholders including employees, managers, customers, and shareholders. Aflac Inc. pays close attention in creating and supporting an ethical culture. Therefore, corporate social responsibility (CSR) forms a key role in the manner in which companies are perceived in the market (Aflac Inc.).
Ethical behaviors play a crucial part in the success of the organization. Afla…

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