Comorbidity in Substance Abuse Disorders

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Comorbidity in Substance Abuse Disorders

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Comorbidity in Substance Abuse Disorders
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Comorbidity in Substance Abuse Disorders
Substance abuse comorbidity refers to two disorders, mental health, and substance abuse, occurring in one individual concurrently (EMCDDA, 2016). The impact of comorbidity of substance abuse is affected by the high incidence, difficulty in managing and the association of poor outcome for the affected. Substance users have a 50% chance of comorbidity raising the need for clinical care and prevention by medical practitioners (EMCDDA, 2016). Individuals with comorbidity develop substance abuse disorders alongside other disorders such as anxiety, ADHD, personality and eating disorders. Substance abuse is closely related to mental disorders since it also impacts the brain in fundamental ways. Both substance use and mental disorders are affected by coinciding factors such as early exposure to stress, genetic vulnerabilities, and brain deficits.
There is a high risk posed with comorbidity of substance abuse disorders than in individuals with a single disorder. These include the greater presence of psychopathological severity, the rate of dangerous behavior posing the potential of contracting diseases, mental impairments, and unlawful conduct (EMCDDA, 2016). Society is significantly affected by the health and legal afflictions associated with psychiatric comorbidity of individuals with substance abuse disorders. In comorbidity, there is no link between disorder…

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