Community Service Project

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Community Service Project

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Community Service Project
During the week there are many activities that a student undertakes that comprise a project. According to Dreger (41), a project is an activity that begins at a certain point and has a definite end and adds value. Similarly, it is unique and has constraints and specific requirements such as resources, value, scope, and cost. Participation in community service is an activity that I undertake during the week with the aim of helping others and enhancing the livelihoods of the community around the school. Also, the event is beneficial since it helps in gaining experience and skills which I could add in my resume and job applications. The constraints that I encounter is time and financial resources where I have to sacrifice some part of my leisure and pocket money to help others. Our group raises and donates money and other goods for our local Red Cross.
Our project is beneficial both to us and the community since it provides an opportunity to help others by improving the livelihoods of the less privileged. The activity also results in personal growth by offering a way to acquire work experience and learn certain aspects of jobs such as time management and leadership. Community service is one big project that I have great interest and passion in helping the needy and transforming people’s lives. As the chairperson of our Red Cross group, I gain significant leadership experience that would be es…

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