Community Service for the church

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Community Service for the church

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Community Service for the ChurchI choose cross-cultural church as the base area for my volunteer program. This is because Cross culture church has been recognised for the positive influence they are impacting their neighbouring community. My volunteer program was amazing not only for the activities we were engaged in community development but also for the fun people I worked with for the entire season. For instance, Mr Dilma the owner, who is a perfect motivational speaker and he is equipped with good leadership skills that enable us to perform our duties in a teamwork strategy.
Contrary, cross-cultural church utilize its cooperate social responsibility in many ways. For instance, they help homeless people through giving them a weekly meal and offering them the word of God. They also provide shelter for women who are victims of exploitation, abuses or single mother faced with poverty issues. They also develop the community through cleaning the environment. They have a fun center for kids to play. Lastly, they built a nursing home for a free check-up for children and free cervical cancer screening.
The cross-cultural church is an international, multicultural church that is focused on incorporating all the communities in global in preaching the news that Jesus is the son of God. It has bases worldwide, and it involves the community around them through many ways. In my volunteer ship there, I was involved in educating young people on i…

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