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Community meeting

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Community meetings
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Community meetings
Every society always requires opportunities to come together for various purposes. A community meeting, therefore, is a congregation of community members whereby the members of the community including children and adults come together for purposeful reasons. It is, therefore, a practice that has ever been upheld in many societies and developed as a culture.
There are many reasons why community meetings are always facilitated in many societies such as developing a positive program culture among the members of the community. A community, which composes people, might also employ the meetings to form a forum where people raise their ideas and views regarding the issues that are affecting them. It has helped in many societies where the solutions to some problem lie within the members just that they must come together and share them with the others (Winschiers-Theophilus, et, al, 2010)
Community meetings are also important to the society in that they bring both the children and the elders together who take the role of educating them in various ways. Children need support from the elderly, and it can be made easy through facilitating the community meetings to ensure interactions between the two parties. Also, the community meetings give everyone opportunities to interact and know each other socially. It, therefore, promotes social interactions between the members.
In conclusion, it is important to conside…

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