Community Health Major Admission Essay

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Community Health Major Admission Essay

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Community Health Major
Statement: I am interested in community health because I care about the greater well-being of humans, and I love seeing families or communities live healthily.
As the world globalizes, the developments will demand the attention of individuals like practitioners who value human life and that attracts me in the field. I wish to take part in making community changes, and my deep understanding of public health is what I will use to determine the needs of individuals to serve. Many people are alive because of a handful public health measures or initiatives like vaccinations, safety laws, family planning and environmental standards. The existing community workers will leave the job and hence the reason for my interest is to fill that gap. The knowledge of community health is ultimately practiced by serving as many people as possible, inducing real and long-lasting positive effects.
Individuals majoring in community health careers end up working in settings such as health clubs or family planning agencies, and I wish to be in any of that area. My interest in community health come from a desire to be part of life changers by collecting and analyzing data, teaching, planning or implementing health programs. As a health officer, I am bound to use critical thinking and active collaboration with other community workers to facilitate quality services for the societies in need. Public health is a self-serving effort, and as a s…

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