Communication Theory

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Communication Theory

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A Personal Reflection of Communication Theory Class
Communication both verbal and non-verbal is essential in our daily life either in sharing information and knowledge or in fostering good relationships with others (Hermida 1). From the class work, I have learned that for any communication to achieve its objective, its effectiveness between the parties involved is very crucial. It is only when the recipient of the message understand its original intent that we can describe communication to have been effective. Further as indicated by Ross, communication theory have a significant effect on both academic and social life, in addition, it has an impact on social and interpersonal skills (13). As stated by Ross, the theory should transform a student’s writing, reading, and listen ability academically (11).
First, I will leverage the acquired writing skills from the communication theory in my academic work. As cited by Hermida, excellent writing skills give a student the ability to convey his/ her knowledge with ease, and this will transform to higher grades. By using the skills, I will be able to express my thought and ideas concisely and transparently (6). By applying the acquired knowledge, I will be able to conduct scientific research and prepare quality coursework reports. Also, as indicated by Hermida employers prefer the individual with better writing skills, and thus I believe by putting into practice the theory learned I w…

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