Communication skills and Case management

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Communication skills and Case management

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Challenges in Communication Skills and Case Management
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Challenges in Communication Skills and Case Management
Some of the future difficulties while communicating and using the case management with clients include;
Inconveniencing the clients with own problems – At times, people who are in human services tend to use clients with the aim of meeting their individual needs. For instance, one can burden the client with stories such as saying “the same happened to me too.” One may decide to narrate his or her story of a bad day to the client. It is not right to ask the clients for things which are going to benefit you or are in your interest only (O’Rourke, 2012).
Insisting on your solutions- Sometimes people are very mad and get rude when they find out that the clients are not using their way of solving things. This is a challenge faced by most service providers, and they mostly harass the clients if they don’t use what they consider as health measures.
Need for power-There are individuals who value having power over others. They desire to elevate themselves and make life the clients difficult since they are in a position to do so.
As a human service provider, the challenges mentioned above are essential since people face such problems every year. It is good to consider them as the critical part to improve the services provided to the clients (Frankel, & Gelman, 2011). The clients need support, and they come to you at a time w…

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