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Communication discussion

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Communication Process

The Communication Process
The communication process refers to a simple model that illustrates all factors that influence the way people communicate with each other. Any communication is valid if the receiver interprets the message conveyed by the sender in the desired approach. The communication process can be described using a series of steps that ensure there is effective communication (Nordquist, 2018). In the first step of the communication loop, the sender formulates an idea before composing it into a message before conveying it to the other party, who is the receiver. The process of developing the information by the sender is known as encoding.
During the second step, the sender decides on the mode of communicating the message to the receiver, which may be either in writing, speech or signals. In the third step, the receiver makes sense of the word by understanding and translating it to into meaning. If the message requires feedback, then the receiver responds to the sender, where he, in turn, becomes the communicator (Nordquist, 2018). The fourth step of the communication process involves the feedback. After the receiver has developed the meaning of the message, he may decide to react either verbally or non-verbally to the sender. The reaction can be external, which means an individual can see it or internal for instance, through self-examination. The feedback helps the sender to know if the receiver understood…

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