Communication Concerns

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Communication Concerns

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Communication Concerns
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Individual Communication Concerns
Speaking before I think is one of the most significant concerns that affect my ability to communicate effectively. The challenge has stalled my relationships with friends and other individuals thus hurting my confidence. In relation to the problem, I have also developed the tendency of speaking a lot instead of listening to others. This implies that I am unable to grasp the ideas presented by other people. Even though I talk too much, I am hardly understood by others because I speak too fast. Therefore, people barely comprehend my arguments irrespective of how much I speak. The problem gives rise to the next communication concern in which people often misinterpret what I say. This ruins the entire communication since understanding the message is essential towards communicating an argument (Sullivan, 2011). Finally, the fact that I prefer speaking to listening to others compels me to interrupt others as they talk thus preventing them from communicating their arguments comprehensively.
From the five concerns, it is evident that I need to work on my communication skills. One of the most significant areas that I need to improve is the art of listening to others patiently to grasp the whole argument before thinking about commenting or responding to the statement. As noted by Sullivan (2011), good listening skills entail waiting patiently for the speaker to present an argumen…

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