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Communication Case study

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Personal relationships are affected negatively by the hearing impairment. Relations with family and friends are stricken due to the failure to communicate effectively. Family members and friends must change their behavior when they are with a relative with a hearing impairment to meet their needs. Couples are the most affected when one party has a hearing impairment since relationships are built through effective communication. In the hospital setting the relationship between the patient and the Registered Nurse can be strained since there is difficulty of the two parties having productive conversations which can affect the delivery of care and patient outcomes. Communication is the other area that is significantly influenced by hearing impairment since such people cannot hear well what others are saying to them which is frustrating. The person with the hearing impairment also tends to think that others are ignoring him/her since interactions change.
An appropriate nursing intervention that could address the problem of communication is the use of hearing aids. These assistive devices are helpful along with proper treatment in addressing the issue of audibility due to hearing loss. Those who have profound hearing loss can also undergo cochlear implantation which can help improve communication with people (Lesicko & Llano, 2017). People communicating with those with hearing impairment need …

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