Communication and Conflict Resolution

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Communication and Conflict Resolution

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Communication and Conflict Resolution

Communication and Conflict Resolution
Team Charter Recommendations
Interprofessional teams for their effectiveness need to operate under set norms or ground rules. These standards are essential as they provide a guideline towards the behavior during an interaction. Depending on the nature or type of the people involved, ground rules of a particular team may vary slightly or significantly from another. There are two primary methods of establishing ground rules which include;
Group Discussion and Consensus.
This is the effective method of establishing ground rules since all the involved individuals participate in listing guidelines as well as their expectations in the team. The list of shared expectations and guidelines help to provide a powerful guide for a conducive working environment. Also, the five common team dysfunctions which include the absence of trust, lack of commitment, fear of conflict, inattentive to results and avoiding accountability are shattered (Shapiro et al., 2005).
Listing Commonly Used Ground Rules.
The method involves listing ground rules which are commonly used then ask for more ground rules. When a member suggests a rule, and is agreed among the other member, it is added to the list of ground rules. This method is effective where time is limited as it helps in saving time discussing already known rules (Shapiro et al., 2005). Since the team will be composed of the different indivi…

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