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From: Ron Miller calling
8th /08/2018
All Staff
Dear all;
I would like to inform all the staff members and especially the head of departments of the new policy regarding vocational changes within the company. These changes were made at the managers meeting, and the conclusion was reached, and all head of departments are therefore directed to adhere to the meeting resolution strictly. Some of the changes include: –
In the new company vocational policy changes, employees with three or less years of service will now have one entire seven day stretch of paid vocation.
Employees that have somewhere in the range of three and five years of service will now have two weeks long stretches of paid vocation
While workers with five years or more administration will be offered three week stretches of paid vocation
It ought to be noticed that by this new approach, businesses should now present a get-away demand no less than multi month before the excursion date. Workers are likewise required to present a get-away demand to their immediate administrator. Remember however that close to two representatives from any one division can be in the midst of a furlough in the meantime.
It is important for departmental heads to inform their juniors concerning these new policy changes and clarify any concern which may emanate from the staff. When the time of implementation come…

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