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Comments on Posen Arguments

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Comments on Posen’s Arguments
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Comments on Posen’s Arguments
Over the last few decades, since the end of World War II, the United States administration has positioned itself as the main ‘fixer’ of global conflicts. From political, humanitarian and economic conflicts, the USA has established itself as the leading mediator and savior of international conflicts worldwide. In several occasions, it has been noted that the American administration assumes that any global problem across is an American problem. As such, it is justifiable for the country to intervene in these areas to provide amicable solutions to these conflicts. However, rather than adopting the hegemonic strategy, Posen states that it is time for the U.S government to abandon other countries problems and in turn, focus on its issues through the employment of a comprehensive restraint strategy.
In his book titled the Restraint, Posen recommends a different approach towards solving global conflicts that ought to be adopted by the United States while dealing with these issues. In his writings, Posen illustrates that the country’s position as a global hegemonic power limits itself from providing the best services to its citizens regarding their security and well-being. In this case, as the country administration concentrates on resolving conflicts in other countries, it is left vulnerable to attacks from the enemies. As such, it should focus on domestic security rather than m…

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