Colorado Parks and Wildlife Lynx reintroduction program

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife Lynx reintroduction program

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife Lynx Reintroduction Program
With an aim to establish a significant of Canada Lynx’s population in Colorado, the wildlife division of Colorado re-introduced efforts with the first Lynx let out in February 1999. The following years after 1999, about 218 lynx, caught in the wild from Alaska and Canada, were released within the borders of Colorado (Devineau 525). For this initiative to be a success, it was necessary to do a post-release monitoring exercise in order to critically modify and assess the protocols of release with the aim of improving the chances of survival for the individuals that were released. Under the final protocol of release, the Lynx were fed high quality diet, as they were held in captivity for a period of more than one week.
The main aim of reintroducing the Lynx was to establish a viable, self-sustaining population of the Lynx within the environs of Colorado, a place where scientists felt it provided a suitable and quality for the survival of the Lynx. Moreover, given that Colorado was isolated from the nearby populations, experts determined that initiating re-introduction of Lynx was the most practical option for sustain the species in Colorado. For more than a decade now, the lynx which were introduced have been monitored and followed up by the Colorado Parks and wildlife. In order to monitor the stability, persistence, and distribution of the new Lynx population, a long-term, minimall…

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