Colonial Discourse

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Colonial Discourse

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Colonial Discourse
This paper discusses various issues that are brought by colonization. In particular, the paper focuses on the Battle of Algiers, which involved the French and the FLN. The paper discusses the term colonization and thus helps one understand the battle in question. It also discusses the ways the occupation of the Algiers by French troops affected it people. The three main ways that are discussed include the effect of arrest and torture, limitation of movement, and the lack of access to social amenities. The paper also continues to discuss cultural framing. This section of the paper helps the reader to understand the way in which the public’s perspective on political events and endemic economic problems was molded. The paper will also discuss the possible solutions to the problems discussed. This paper provides an in-depth understanding of the events surrounding the colonization of Algeria, thus allows the reader to determine a definite conclusion of the effects of the colonization.
Colonization refers to the occupation of an imperial power country into a country that may be considered less civilized. This is the systematic process of a large population of individuals from a more civilized country physically moving to another country with the aim of occupying it. The new occupants of the new country assume leadership rules while implementing political, social, and economic stru…

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