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College of the Mainland

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College of the Mainland
The College of the Mainland’s website targets prospective students and the enrolled students. It seeks to show some of the reasons why high school graduates should consider the institution over others (College of the Mainland n.d.). It also serves to display the current students the programs available in the semester and to update them on any changes.
The website offers information regarding the school. The site shows some of the departments available and the respective heads (College of the Mainland n.d.). It highlights the extracurricular activities and the contact information for any interested parties.
The language used correctly targets the right audience. The site uses various tenses to show the message targets prospective students and the enrolled individuals (College of the Mainland n.d.). The website uses formal language to entice graduates seeking a professional and competent higher education institution.
However, the site does not meet the content demands of young adults. Most youths prefer colorful and radiant websites that contain various animations and graphics (College of the Mainland n.d.). The site includes a simple design and lacks any visuals.
Despite the setback, the users can enjoy faster accessibility. The site seems well maintained as individuals can access information in the shortest period possible. It contains formal language that appeals to people from all cultures and backg…

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