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college life

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Student’s nameInstructor CourseSeptember 30, 2018
College Life:
College lifestyle may not be as simple as it is presumed to be. Many young grownups think that the college lifestyle is an easy-going lifestyle filled with parties, but reality hits them when they join higher education institutions. When the young adults join colleges, they think that they will be learning with their friends, but they are perplexed when finding adults over 30 years pursuing their degrees. Also, some college classes extend to late evening hours.
A college is a place student can develop their social connection and skills because fellow students can influence their lives. In tutoring and study groups, students need each other to succeed academically. Fellow students act as a support system when family and relatives are miles away. Socializing helps one have a professional network and peers to work with. It is essential to socialize in college to benefit from the people around you like lecturers, other staff and students (Bruni 1)
When joining college, I had a little idea of what college life entailed. I had the idea that college life is fun, but I never realized that college life came with new responsibilities and challenges. When students join college, they are considered adults and the transition from high school to college can be stressful. I had no idea that I would learn with students that were much older and classes would extend up to late evenings.
Most of the students in colleges f…

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