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Admission Essay
My interest in exploring the brain begun way back when I was playing as a small boy. I was spinning around the ball while gazing at the sky but when I stopped my head was still whirling. This baffled me and sparked my curiosity to find out more about it. Although at this age I did not know anything about how the brain functions or what made me feel like my head was still spinning, today I believe this is the spark that has always pushed me to pursue neuroscience at Washington University in St. Louis
A myriad of discoveries has been made over the years in understanding the nature of human brain despite their complementary challenges. However, nothing has sparked more interest than the mysteries behind the brain. I have been personally baffled with the how the brain functions and manages to control behavior and other critical body functions. This also has been a source of debate, inspiration, and mystery for scientists and other philosophers. The debate has been more heated around the nature of the brain, in particular, the synaptic evolution and has subsequently sparked my curiosity and intellectual interest in exploring more over the same.
However, it is impossible sometimes to prove or difficult to pin down the truth about a certain phenomenon. But the moment people gain an understanding about it is when they start building a predictable functionality about the broader reality. Essentially, neuroscience …

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