college education should be free

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college education should be free

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Persuasive Essay
The college education should be free

States government across the globe are weighing the idea of offering free college education as a way of improving their economy. While this idea is deemed necessary for the future of the state, there are few factors which are challenging the adoption of such a move with the major one being the cost. In a bid to achieve this these government will have to legislate laws to add on their revenues so that the move can be supported without hitches or economic imbalances.
It is for sure that knowledge should not be earned through a price tag as it has been the case since time immemorial. This concept has rendered an imbalance in intellectual abilities in that we have very few educated citizens with thousands having only the basic know-how. This has slowed down economic developments in the affected states in the wake of booming economic opportunities. The world is slowly becoming a global village with the ease of communications brought forth by networking. Economies are not only competing within their territories but outside their geographical boundaries. It is through access to College education that citizens will get equipped with skills and competencies to compete with other global economies. Needless to mention is the fact that through education the country will be able to improve the social welfare of its citizens as it increases the sustainability of ventures and establishments within t…

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