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College education revision

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Education is an important element in a developing society. Education is a national responsibility and any government that does not provide education to its citizens should not exist. It enables people from different cultures to communicate and find solutions to problems facing the society.
Community Colleges are institutions which offer training to students who didn’t get a chance to join universities by offering technical education. Through the training offered, the students get to appreciate themselves and are impacted with the knowledge that can help them in life. Community colleges have also promoted cohesion and integration in the society since the students come from diverse cultural backgrounds (Cohen et al., 24).
Community College has helped me in appreciating differences in life, by appreciating each person’s efforts in building the community. It has equipped me with knowledge towards community enrichment. Apart from class work, the college has helped me by socializing with other students and this has boasted by self-esteem. It has enriched me with basic skills like communication skills that are very helpful in my current profession. Since the Community Colleges are readily available, parents should encourage their children to join these institutions because so far we have seen the impact they can have in the society. It is on…

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