College Competencies

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College Competencies

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College Competencies
The college experience is highly beneficial as it promotes one’s further success in personal life, as well as, employment, which has a direct impact on income and quality of life. However, it could be difficult to achieve the required grades and expertise in a subject. Consequently, I believe that thinking and communication are two competencies that would help me to succeed in college.
Thinking is a critical parameter in life. It revolves around obtaining new information and processing it to make its applicability efficient and instantaneous. At the same time, the quality is responsible for behavior in new situations that have not been experienced before. Life in general, as well as, college experience continually provides challenges that are new to me. Therefore, I believe that my thinking process dictates the mentality with which I approach the situation and the pace at which new solutions are presented. Consequently, it is crucial for me to be able to clarify my thoughts and design clear pathways for my targets including academic goals, problem solutions, and career development.
Communication is another critical parameter. Human beings are social animals that live and work together to solve problems and elevate the overall quality of life. The pattern is equally obvious today as it was during the life of Ancient Civilizations. The competency determines my ability to cooperate with other…

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