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College application essay

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College Application Essay
In the years past, I have been anticipating to turn a new leaf in my life and make the most of the little time left while in school. I look forward to college and currently understand that the institution is a book that has many pages that are yet to be unraveled. I will probe into all the chapters and clearly articulate and improve my hobbies and interests. I have greater vision and hope to give a new title and meaning to life after my education in college. I aspire to be a challenge to new evidence and come up with solutions to various issues that might be of interest while learning in the institution. The most important aspect of my life is that through the education acquired I will succeed in life, and create a place and name in the society.
I am of Hispanic descent, and I have interests in varied fields that include, but not limited to community service, photography, drawing, astronomy, art, theater and communications. I have a strong sense of crashing into information and get various quotes that are of interest while thinking outside the box about the universe. Even though I gravitate towards those lines of interest, am also concerned about new decisions that will separate my life from that of others.
As I take the gap year am sure I will never be certain when I will be interested in other things, because of my desire to increase my knowledge and capacity to bring others on board. This is exactly what mak…

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