Cold War in Middle East

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Cold War in Middle East

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Cold War in the Middle East
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Cold War in the Middle East
In more than half century, the Middle East countries have been the epicenter for the Cold War (Ellis, 2018). The region is endowed with petroleum reserves that are centrally located in the region. The main examples of such countries include the Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Israel, and Syria. Currently, these countries experience rocking waves that affect the West. Since the Middle East is a prime petroleum-producing region in the world, it turns to be used as a strategy to uphold the Cold War (Frank, 2018). However, the United States is affected since their main concentration is based on the petroleum products. The United States economy is hurt due to unsteady petroleum prices provided by oil-producing countries. According to energy information administration, the Middle East is capable of producing 30% of the global oil market.
Another form of the current cold war in the Middle East has linkages with counterterrorism strategy (Nacos, 2016). Currently, the United States forces are fighting terrorism attacking groups in the Middle East such as Al-Qaeda and Islam supporting states. However, considering the allies who support the terror groups pin down the United States economy by funding their forces to fight the terror groups. Economically, the current cold war phases that occur in the Middle East affect the United States since it is not able to have total control over the region.
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