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A code is a set of instructions that make it possible to come up with computer software, operating system, websites and apps (What Is Coding?). In our digital world, it’s these codes that power computers that in turn influences our day-to-day things like robots and phones among many more. Different names like coders, programmers, software engineers or developers are given to individuals who write code. There are many different coding languages: C, C+, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and Perl (Hughes 3). These languages can either be low-level or high-level, and low-level is the easiest to use. Different coding languages are best suitable for various functions; C language is appropriate for graphics while JavaScript is best for website, and Perl is multi-functional. Despite these appropriateness, many languages share similar basic features and structures. Since the computer age or information age, coding has had a greater impact on society. Past and present technologies have all been powered by codes creating an effect on the whole world in general and also to individuals. This paper will examine the benefits of coding in the real world and partly its history.
Coding and computers in general have come a long way and evolved over time. People have always imagined new ideas and used their coding skills to make them a reality. History of coding dates back from 1843 where Ada, a mathematician lady, became the first program…

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