Coast Lines

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Coast Lines

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Coast Lines
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The coastlines of the world are constantly being impacted by waves, currents, and tides. The horizontal movement of water is referred to as a current. These movements can either be long-lasting or temporary. They can occur deep in the ocean or near the surface, and are primarily caused by the differences in water temperature and salinity. Majority of the large currents start when ice freezes and leaves behind cold salty water, which sinks to the seafloor. Tides are massive waves that cause the ocean and sea to rise and fall along shorelines all over the world. Tides are caused by the gravitational pull exerted on the sea by the Sun and the Moon. They vary as the earth rotates on its own axis. The Moon is closer to the planet and hence has more gravitational attraction than the Sun. Waves move water and energy from one part of the ocean to another. They are caused by winds that blow on the ocean surface or deep in the sea. They vary in size depending on the speed and duration of the winds.
The East African coastline is one of the most beautiful shorelines in the world. It is filled with various shoreline features that make it a unique region to visit (Lane & Breen, 2017). The India Ocean has transformed the coastline as well as causing the ocean level to rise. It has beautiful beaches, reefs, deltas, and cliffs. Beaches compose of sands particles that are deposited by waves. As the waves move through the Indian …

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