Co-Occuring Disorders.#1( E.J)

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Co-Occuring Disorders.#1( E.J)

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Feedback on Co-Occurring Disorders #1(E.J)
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Feedback on Co-Occurring Disorders #1(E.J)
The sources used in the paper present a clear understanding of the effects of Co-Occurring Disorders. Despite the fact that the resources present facts, some of them are outdated and the information used may not apply in the current world because of the changes that constantly take place in health. For example, data from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism showed that there is a relationship between antisocial personality disorder and Alcoholism (NIAAA, 1991). Although, the study presents data 27 years ago, and changes have occurred. Similarly, the findings in SAMSHA (2005) may also not be valid because of the time frame. The resources may not, therefore, be helpful in providing up-to-date information.
Other sources like Mayo Clinic (2017), SAMSHA (2013), NIMH (2016) and NIMH (2017) are current and provide current information that can be considered valid. Discoveries continue to exist in the field of health, and different variables can be detected as subsequent research continue to unfold. Despite (NIAAA, 1991) being an old reference, consistent results have been provided by Mayo Clinic (2017). Mayo Clinic (2017) provides more understanding on why people with personality disorder tend to be drug abusers. That is, Mayo Clinic (2017) added that people with the disability are unable to fulfill responsibilities that they have i…

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