CMS Reimbursement for Never Events

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CMS Reimbursement for Never Events

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Never Event Complications
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Implications of Never Events
It is evident that CMS rules for reimbursing never events required a radical change in the model of delivering patient care in inpatient facilities. It is imperative for physicians to heighten the level of precaution that they apply when dealing with patients to reduce or prevent the occurrence of “never event” complications (O’Rourke & Hershey, 2009). The change in the patient care delivery model emanates from the position held by CMS that it is possible to prevent “never event” complications by adhering to evidence-based practice in clinical settings. In other words, CMS attributes the rising cases of such complications to the negligence of physicians in inpatient facilities. While many inpatient settings have successfully created good systems to prevent “never event” complications, they are unable to follow-up the guidelines effectively.
Concerning evidence-based guidelines recommended by CMS, physicians in inpatient facilities should understand and apply the guidelines in making decisions in inpatient settings (O’Rourke & Hershey, 2009). This begins with becoming familiar with the complications that are not reimbursed by CMS whenever they arise following a surgical procedure or other inpatient procedure that results in complications due to physician negligence. Next, physicians should review the available guidelines on a regular basis to identi…

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