closet racism

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closet racism

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Closet Racism
Majority of people across the world are closet racists. Though most people do not come out clearly, their language is always full of racial discrimination. Almost everyone who talks about racism is a closet racist from the way they express it in language. The way people use words to whether demoralize or praising racism shows personal prejudice (Feagin and Zinobia 8). Since people discourage or support racism using words, it follows that almost everybody is a closet racist. People either show how they disown, fear or unaware about racism in their conversation about racism. The three are the tools used to express racism by almost everybody though some are not aware. Most people tend to show fear about racism, but in reality, they are expressing bigotry. They try to be correct in their statements to avoid being considered racist. For example, a person would say, “….. black people though I do not want to say, are….” The statement is already explaining something about the black. However, the person speaking expresses fear of saying it to avoid being termed as racist. Closet racism also manifests in an unawareness statement made by people. People will tend to show how unaware they are that others are racist during illustrations but at the end they express racism. People tend to disown racism, but their statements are made in ways which promote racism. For example, when the American President said, “I am the least racist person…

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