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Clint Eastwood

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Analysis of Clint Eastwood films
Analysis of Clint Eastwood films
Clint Eastwood Jr. is an American director, producer, actor, political figure, and musician. Having been born in 1930, Eastwood has been a very successful actor and director in Hollywood. However, his acting career has overshadowed his directing roles because he has directed most of the films he starred in. Since the 1970s, Clint Eastwood has produced, directed, and acted in at least 50 films since he started his filming career. Eastwood became an internationally famous actor for his roles in the “Dollars” trilogy by Sergio Leone during the 1960s and the “Dirty Harry” films in the 70s and 80s. The “Dollars” trilogy comprised of “A Fistful of Dollars,” “For a Few Dollars More,” and “The Good the Bad and the Ugly.”
Short Biography
Clinton “Clint” Eastwood Jr. was born on 31 May 1930 to Clinton Eastwood-the senior a migrant steelworker and Margaret Ruth Eastwood, an International Business Machines factory worker. Clint is blessed with a younger sibling, Jeanne, a sister born in 1934. Although the family kept moving from location to location on the west coast due to his fathers’ constant work travels, Eastwood’s family later settled in Piedmont, California. Clint joined Piedmont Junior high School but was denied entrance to Piedmont High School after tearing up the schools’ wet turf while riding his bike. Later he joined ‘Oakland Technical High School.�…

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