Clinical Nurse Leader

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Clinical Nurse Leader

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Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Designation
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Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Designation
A clinical nurse leader is a professional health care provider whose education reached the Master’s level. The reason for a clinical nurse leader to be at a Master’s level is because they are supposed to bring some added knowledge and skills to other health practitioners. The clinical nurse leader is allocated to the hospital’s nursing team and aids other graduates for advanced roles that they are yet to meet at the end of their career. The discussion below will be a summary of educational preparation that a clinical nurse leader should undergo and the roles they are tasked when they qualify to be clinical nurse leaders. Besides, there will be an example of how a clinical nurse leader has an influence on the care of a patient either in a hospital setup or at the community level.
The chance created in the nursing team for a clinical nurse leader (CNL) was because there was a need for safety in nursing, especially regarding technology, complex care, and a changing health care team (Fynes, Martin, Hoy, & Cousley, 2014). Most CNL’s came from different health care team, clinicians, informational managers and a patient’s advocate among other professionals who took a step to advance in masters. The role of a clinical nurse leader is to design, implement and evaluate on a patient’s health by ensuring they coordinate, delegate and supervise …

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