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Clinical Guidelines

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Clinical Guidelines
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Clinical guidelines are designed to provide succinct instructions to healthcare professionals on how to offer healthcare services. Clinical practice guidelines statements are developed systematically to help practitioners in making appropriate patient decisions for specific clinical conditions. Clinical practice guidelines assist healthcare providers, policymakers, and consumers, payers in making a choice on how certain heath illnesses can be effectively and appropriately prevented, treated and managed. These guidelines have the ability to improve the quality or process of care as well as patient outcomes. CPGs are expected to be followed. A transparent methodology is used in creating these guidelines that translate the best evidence into clinical practice to better patient outcomes (Sox & Stewart, 2015).
On the other hand, practice standards are created for the purpose of directing and maintaining a safe and clinically competent practice. These standards indicate the anticipated and attainable level of performance against the actual performance of a health care provider. These standards are established by an employer through organizational policies or established by state and federal laws as widely accepted guidelines. Practice standards help healthcare organization to create harmless staffing practices, delegate responsibilities to certified and unlicensed persons and ensure…

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