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clinical experience

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My First Clinical Experience
Visiting Queens Hospital center has remained to be one of the most memorable days in my professional life. As a nursing student, this critical opportunity presented me with first-hand professional experience, which I had not encountered before. For instance, through this undertaking, I was able to experience several nursing and clinical practices.
Before this visit, I was very nervous on several aspects related to interaction. In any clinical environment, cooperation and communication with staff and patients are mandatory (Mullan & Others 376). However, our clinical professor played a very significant role towards understanding and enhancement of the same. She held a very fruitful meeting with us, where she, among other aspects, explained our roles as new nursing students. Such was done in groups of eight students, who were assigned similar roles.
The main focus of the first day was to know the floor, where we were assigned to work during the semester. After understanding of the same, we were allowed to handle several nursing practices, in the presence of our instructor. For example, we had a chance of operating the oxygen tank, and observe the blood cultures and samples taken by the nurse.
Also, the clinical instructor explained to us various functionalities of the cardiac monitoring machine. Through the same, all students in our group were able to check the heart rate, oxygen, and the b…

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