Clinical Application of Explanatory Theory

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Clinical Application of Explanatory Theory

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Contemporary Attachment Theory and Self Psychology
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Contemporary Attachment Theory and Self Psychology
Mellissa is a 28-year-old Hispanic woman. She is currently separated from her husband of two years with Mellissa given full custody of their 6-years-old daughter. Mellissa is currently employed as a waitress at a local bar where she mostly works at night. She grew up in the foster system. She was born to a drug-addicted mother who was not able to provide proper care for her and her younger brother. Mellissa and her brother were placed in foster care when she was four years old. She was separated from her brother as they went to different foster homes. During her time in foster care, Mellissa was mostly neglected and moved around much until adulthood. She spent little time associating with other kinds and mostly stayed alone. Mellissa insecurity and insensitivity to her husband led to the separation. Furthermore, Mellissa is unable to control her emotions since she is angry and aggressive at most times and struggles in self-esteem and assertiveness. Melissa believes that she has failed to be a good mother to her daughter.
Contemporary attachment theory
The theory of attachment developed by a British psychoanalyst John Bowlby seeks to understand the intense distress that is experienced by children who are separated from their parents and its relationship to the bond that develops between emotionally intimate adults relation…

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