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Clery Report

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Criminal justice
Most institutions such as colleges and universities carry many students, which requires that their security is guaranteed by the government. According to the copy of Clery report that published on the security of students, there are a lot of issues to be discussed. The website that people can visit to get updates on the security is Specifically, University of Wisconsin is one of such institutions, which has enacted the rules as found in the report to make sure that they have increased the security of the students (Fox, 2010).
The various statistics that are included in the report are the number of the crimes involving the death of the students, especially in their residents. One thing to note is that many institutions had reported about their students being tortured and murdered in their houses. Others explained about their missing students. Therefore, the report that needed to be updated included the one of that security personnel who is responsible for searching the missing students.
Also, the report needs to state the measures for the safety of the students in case there is fire outbreak in the institution. Some of the information that is required in the report is the ways by which the responsible personnel report on the conduct of the students as well as those who are involved in illegal activities like drug trafficking that may cause the misconduct (Fox, 2010).
In the, the information that surpr…

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