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The article, “Cleopatra: How One Woman Nearly Destroyed Two Civilizations,” by Kayla Mahoney, asserts that even though Cleopatra was the most powerful woman in Rome her life was not easy and filled with betrayal and challenges. Her parents had forced her to marry not just one but two of her brothers (Mahoney n. pag.). Roman historians depicted Cleopatra as youthful, very beautiful, and sexually appealing, but in reality, she did not have the standard features of a beautiful woman. The coins accurately showed Cleopatra as not beautiful since her nose is long and similar to an eagle’s beak, her chin protrudes, and her forehead is small (Mahoney n. pag.). Cleopatra was brilliant and could easily have outranked her husband. Therefore, he exiled her. Cleopatra was an egotistical, ambitious, and highly capable queen. Had she be more submissive and less ambitious she may have had a more comfortable life. Her husband only exiled her because he feared she was becoming too influential and powerful.
She used her wit to convince Julius Caesar to help her take her throne back, and they successfully defeated Ptolemy XIII. Cleopatra became Queen once again with another brother as her late husband, Ptolemy XIV. At this point, she had a son with Julius Caesar whom she preferred as her co-ruler therefore, she poisoned her new husband. Cleopatra was…

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