Classroom Procedures

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Classroom Procedures

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Beginning of class
1. Attendance taking
Hang your backpacks appropriately.
Turn in the homework at the teacher’s desk.
Put the notes on the teacher’s desk.
Ensure your class tools are on the tops of your desks.
Sharpen your pencils.
Start the class.
2. Academic warm-up
Who is your closest ally in this class?
What did we learn yesterday? (Recap of the last class lesson)
What do you expect to understand as I take you through this topic?
Come on the board and show us how we solved the previous lesson’s mathematical problem, (picking one student).
3. What do you do if you are tardy?
Why did you arrive late for the class?
If the reason is valid, allow him/her to take his/her seat, that is, Take your seat.
If the reason is invalid, warn the student not to be late again, that is, ensure you do not repeat that again.
Ensure you do not interrupt them who arrived early as you take your seat.
Instructional activities
1. Signal for student attention
Come on-
Be attentive on this.
Take note of this.
Listen keenly else you will mess.
The above calls for students to take heed of what the teacher is saying.
At times I stand up at the front of the class and hold up my hands- this implies that I am surprised at their responses, performances and dissatisfaction.
Point finger to a particular student- to silence the talking learner or refer him or her to give an answer to my question.
2. What do you do when you are done with work?
Lift your hand for the instructor to see you….

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