Classroom Management

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Classroom Management

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Classroom Management

Question 1
Ideally, classroom management has sets of expectations that build a caring classroom community. In many instances, classroom management creates an environment that enhances learning and achievement. Secondly, classroom management triggers the successful engagement of students for effective learning. Thirdly, time management as a vital tool for achieving learning goals in the caring learning community can be realized through classroom management (Kaya, 2010).
Fourthly, classroom management helps in the management of classroom resources. For instance, it may help effective classroom managers to maximize the physical environment by making it accessible and well organized for learning. Lastly, classroom management ensures predetermined expectations that guide the learners in their daily. In other words, classroom management ensures a caring classroom community by instilling discipline in the learners.

Question 2
The key components of effective classroom management that create a conducive classroom environment total to five. Admittedly, component number one, “understanding student’s personal and psychological need” is of concern to me because it addresses internal and external factors that influence learning. Therefore, component one is important because its observation would lead to an effective learning outcome (Kaya, 2010).
The second component is also of importance. Making use of the component is good because it would create teacher-stud…

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