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Discrimination based on social class otherwise referred to as classism is rampant in many societies of the world and America in particular. Its manifestation can either be interpersonal (individual versus individual) or institutional (individual or groups of individuals versus institutions). This discrimination has a profound effect on educational achievement and the acquisition of wealth, which in turn affect standards of living. In America today, it is easy to identify a predominantly Black or White community based on the quality of social amenities, infrastructural development, and crime rate. Whereas white communities enjoy unsolicited protection from the police, live in well-organized communities with better infrastructures and social amenities, Black communities are usually characterized by widespread insecurity, police harassment, and poor, if any, social amenities. It is not accidental, therefore, that the distribution of wealth and household incomes in America is skewed towards privileged white communities (Kadi, 1996).
My motivation to be a social worker was largely informed by a deep-seated fear of failure that I had to deal with growing up in a poor, crime-ridden, and predominantly black community. This fact strengthened my resolve to work very hard. Consequently, I have come to appreciate the fact that it is possible to succeed in America if one is willing to apply themselves and surmount the chal…

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